Photography Zero Pixel Festival 2019

FotografiaZeroPixel is a photography festival that takes place from November 9th to December 15th in Trieste, conceived to give voice and space to chemical photography, also called analogue photography. The events will be many: seven exhibitions, three conferences, three meetings with authors, five workshops and two screenings of documentaries. And in addition to the Friulian capital, other cities in the FVG region and neighbouring Croatia are involved.

Among the rich program of the festival we offer you a selection of exhibitions that can be visited in Trieste: ​​a collective exhibition with the best international photographers, numerous tributes to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci (who was one of the first to study the camera obscura) and a personal exhibition dedicated to Roberto Kustele.

The collective exhibition “Eureka!”

The opening of the festival, as usual for this event, will be the collective exhibition, this year entitled “Eureka!”. This event offers personal visions of the world of image, through the exhibition of the works of 32 Italian and international photographers, and leads the spectator on a journey full of research and discoveries in a turnaround of styles, expressions and unexpected visual surprises. These works, mostly commissioned precisely for the festival, form a path on genius, on Leonardo da Vinci, on the wonder and surprise that lie behind the discoveries that, have caused people to yell “eureka!” in history.
In this exhibition there is also a copy of Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus: his largest collection of writings and drawings, including the first description of the perfect analogy between the operating principle of the darkroom and the human eye.

Where: Exhibition hall, Stelio Crise State Library in Trieste.
When: Since November 9th to December 14th, 2019.


“Camera Obscura, tribute to Leonardo da Vinci”

The exhibition “Camera Obscura, tribute to Leonardo da Vinci” is dedicated entirely to pinhole photography, or to the oldest photographic medium known in the world: a photographic technique that is practiced without focus or lenses and with a darkroom (i.e. “camera obscura) usually equipped with a single small hole.
“Camera Obscura” shows the pinhole works of ten master photographers from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Croatia and Slovenia. In addition to their photographs, machines with stenopeic holes will also be visible – the so-called “pinholes” – with which the photographers made their works.

Where: Seat of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Council.
When: Since November 21st to December 6th, 201.



The exhibition εἶδος / εἴδωλον (Eidolon/Eidos) is a solo show on Roberto Kusterle, artist from the Isonzo river area, who started working in the 70s as a painter and creator of artistic installations and who discovered photography in the 90s – photography which has become since then his primary mean of artistic expression.
The exhibition traces the period between the Nineties and the early years of the 2000s and is divided into two chapters – “Rites of the body, Anakros” and “A silent mutation” – both aimed at demonstrating how Kusterle’s photography was learned with great mastery of the technical means, and at the service of a gaze often characterized by a strong dreamlike sense.
At the end of the exhibition, Monday 9th December at 6pm, finissage and meeting with Roberto Kusterle.

Where: Trart art space, Trieste.
When: Since November 14th to December 9th, 2019..

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