Relaxed in the kitchen

A Japanese proverb says: “Be generous with your energy. Be generous with your smiles.
Taking care of yourself is very important, as maintaining positive energy in your mind and body to always give the best of you to the ones around you. Sometimes you just need to relax in a calm and peaceful environment, and which could that be if not home?

So take your time, sip a warm tea and read a good book.

Take a seat on a comfortable Soft-Touch covered chair from Target Point’s new LIVING collection, like the MAIORCA, shown here. Upholstered, in this case with Vintage Turtled seat and Corda painted metal frame.

It is here proposed with our PONENTE table, a new extendable table featuring a modern and elegant design, with painted metal leg, top and side extensions in Corda tempered glass.

Target Point, Italian Ideas