ROMA, the ultimate bed

The ultimate bed is a Target Point product and It is called ROMA.

ROMA has all the cutting-edge technology to make it a functional, comfortable bed, suitable for the needs of the most demanding dreamers.
It is a double bed upholstered in vintage soft-touch, in shades of ice, graphite or corda, which has a patented system that allows you to operate with a single independent movement on the sides, 3 mechanisms to adjust the perfect degree of comfort.

With an intuitive movement, in a very simple way, it is possible to adjust the side armrest, the lumbar support and the headrest.

This allows you to create your own custom-made bed according to your needs to rest well and enjoy a little relaxation. And all independently: the inside side is untied from the left side, so our partner will be free to adjust the bed, without compromising the position of our side of the bed.
The headrest, for example, from 110 cm in height can be further raised to 114, allowing even taller people to read a good book without incurring annoying stiff necks from bad posture.

The ROMA bed is available both in the bed frame and in the container version.

Target Point, Italian Ideas