Round table, the perfect choice for those who love to be social

A choice of design, but also of convenience. Buying a round table, in fact, means believing in frequent conviviality, which needs a central hub to gather all loved ones on any special occasion.

Round tables, in fact, make it easy to add an extra seat without any difficulty.
They allow for an equal relationship with all diners, creating a relaxed and collected atmosphere.

But the advantages do not end there.

The round table has no edges, is less bulky and allows easy access from different locations, as well as being perfect if there are small children, being safer than a rectangular or square shaped table.

Our recommendation is the CRONOS TABLE, extendable with a painted metal frame and porcelain or tempered glass top. Perfect in the WOOD version with a wood veneer top for those seeking a warm and even cozier atmosphere.

Target Point, Italian Ideas