Santiago, be different choosing an armchair

Are the classic rules of bon ton to be respected even in a modern and contemporary environment?

Sure they are! Traditions must be respected even in a young home. And so, the seat on the head of the table must be reserved for the landlord. Contrary to what we may think, the most important male guest (by seniority, rank or others) will sit on the right of the landlady, while it is the most important female guest which will sit to the right of the landlord.

If you want to best celebrate the place reserved to the landlord, we advise you to differentiate the seats, opting for a small armchair for the table heads.

Like our SANTIAGO ARMCHAIR, which differs from the SANTIAGO CHAIR for the contemporary design armrests.

In the picture, SANTIAGO features Ice Gray painted metal structure, while the seat is covered in Soft-Touch, still in Ice Gray finishing.

You can also choose the armchair in Graphite, Turtledove or Tobacco.

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