You emerged from a thunderpeal’s entrails
Shuddering amid repentant clouds
Bitter stone, proved, proud
You sought the sun for the first-martyred witness
To confront perilous splendor together
To head out to sea with a cross-bearing echo.
(Odysseas Elytis, Ode a Santorini)

Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Thinking about its colors, its sea and its sunsets, our designers created the bed inspired by it.

Santorini is an upholstered bed with removable cover made with the combination of soft fabric and velvet-effect microfiber tone-on-tone.
Its double pillow are adjustable in three different positions and built-in bedside tables with glass top. Santorini bed is also available upholstered in non-removable white soft-touch.

You can choose it with low footboard or with bed casing, the difference is only 2 cm in height of the headboard.

Lie down on SANTORINI, close your eyes and you will hear the sound of waves that only in the middle of the Aegean can you hear.

Target Point, Italian Ideas