SIGMA table. Refinement in everyday life.

The barrel top maintains its shape, extending up to 260 cm, thanks to the side extensions that leave the top design intact.

We are talking about SIGMA, one of the tables of the new SILVER collection. The barrel-shaped top and side extensions are in wood-effect laminate: indestructible, practical and aesthetically impacting in the different finishes available such as beaver, country and rustic white.

The top rests on a base, a game of straight lines that meet, where angles of different widths and sizes prevail.

The frame is also in laminate and you can choose between 2 options: metal effect bronze, lead or silver finishes, and wood effect rustic white.

Each finish of the base can be combined with any finish of the top, without any constraint, other than the style of the location where it will be inserted.

The SIGMA table has been designed for those who love elegance, but at the same time wide-ranging comfort, for those who do not give up on treating themselves well even in everyday life, for those who, like us, love refinement, but the one that fits perfectly in that special and unique domestic balance that belongs to each of us!

Target Point, Italian Ideas