Sleeping in a King Size bed

When we think of a large bed, the first thing that comes to mind are beds made in the USA. Those who have had the good fortune to stay in America, have in fact been able to notice with extreme pleasure how much Americans are fond of wellness, rest and relax, and how much they always try to optimize and improve the quality of their sleep. It is no coincidence that the sceptre for the largest bed in the world goes to the United States: with its 250 cm the “Grand King Bed” is the largest double bed in the world.

However, those who want to sleep comfortably in Italy must “settle” with the King version in its standard measures, consolidated at 180x200cm.

Although more and more widespread, this type of bed is still dealing with myths to be debunked that very often discourage the choice of this model. Therefore, let’s try to have clear this thing up:

  1. Dimensions
  2. As mentioned, the King Size bed (bedspring) measures 180x200cm – while the standard double bed is 160×190. To these measures, of course, you must add the size of the headboard and any bedside tables incorporated into the bed frame, as in the case of our SARDEGNA bed, which in its extra large version features a footprint of 232x207cm.

  3. Bedspring and mattress

  4. The king size mattress does not have to be an expensive custom piece, because now almost all producers of beds, bedsprings and mattresses have adapted to the demand for this type of extra large double bed.

  5. The king bedroom

  6. Not all bedrooms offer the necessary space to accommodate a king size. Better: you could even make it happen, but in some situations you would risk limiting freedom of movement.
    By law, double bedrooms in Italy must measure at least 14 square meters: a surface that allows the inclusion of essential furniture and allows two people to move simultaneously. So, a king size bed can fit, but better to opt for a compact version, like the 228×198 cm version of our STROMBOLI.

  7. More space to sleep, and more

  8. Talking about a bed with a container, more surface to sleep also means more space to store clothes, duvets and blankets. The container version is available for most of our models.

So, let yourself be conquered by the American dream and choose your extra-large bed; if the room is small, choose a compact model, if you do not have space problems, be amazed, because the range of king-size beds is huge, and allows you to satisfy any aesthetic fancy.

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