Small kitchen? Here are some tips for space saving design furniture

Decorating a small kitchen with space saving ideas means, first of all, thinking of a basic structure that involves a wall where to put the fundamentals (sink, hob…). Once those are in site, you can enrich the environment with other containers and functional elements.

1. On-sight shelves
A space saving solution lies in preferring on-sight shelves rather than closed wall-units. If the space is not much, suspended blocks are likely to suffocate the environment, while the shelves, even in simple metal, can provide the same solution without giving a ‘closed’ effect, instead amplifying the available space.

2. A metal pole for kitchen tools
To support ladles, pliers and any commonly used tool, you can install a simple metal pole with hooks to hang these items. The pole should be slightly higher than the top, to save more valuable space and allow every object to be within reach.

3. Enhance the corners
Corners should be used to the best taking advantage of corner furniture, where it is possible to store the dishes or food.

4. Draw inspiration from Japanese philosophy
Another advice to save space is to be inspired by the rigor and purity of Japanese furnishings. Asian kitchens are often very small, but well organized. Walls have to be strictly light-coloured, even textiles and curtains present a sober color gradation, like fine pearl gray. Light colors give the idea of a bigger space.

5. Only clever decorative elements
The decorative elements must be minimized to prefer functionality. The decoration can be represented by a useful wall clock and maybe a mirror, in order to create an optical effect of open space.

But above all, choose the RIGHT TABLE.
In a small kitchen you can use the APOGEO console, an extensible table with painted metal frame, tempered glass top, and lateral extension matching with the legs. It measures 50 cm when closed and turns into a 90x90cm square when opened. Functional and practical but, above all, extremely versatile!

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