Smart alarm clocks: which is the best for you?

New smart alarm clocks can not only facilitate sleep and drowsiness, but also feature: displays that allow us to receive notifications both for work and pleasure (from social networks and news sites); connectivity with wi-fi and Bluetooth to listen to music or activate and regulate household appliances connected to a home automation network; essential oil diffusers with ultrasound technology and cryotherapy.

How can you avoid being awakened by an unpleasant sound every morning? The new smart or intelligent alarm clocks respond to this need by using lights that simulate sunrise and sunset and spread natural aromas so as to guarantee a softer awakening and a better-quality sleep. Furthermore, some of these – truly smart – alarms have sensors, displays and connectivity (wi-fi and Bluetooth) such as to make them both centres for home automation management and all-round assistants – guaranteeing connection and app control, news, email, social).
Here are 4 of the best smart alarm clocks on the market:

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spotamazon echo spot is an alarm clock with an intriguing spherical design and has long-range voice control with various functions – weather control, news reading, etc. It connects to Alexa to play music and manage other connected smart devices. It can also be connected to an external Bluetooth speaker, but also has a built-in one which can play music on multiple devices in different rooms. It allows you to use Skype and, through the voice assistant, turn on/off lights at home, send messages and calls.

Main features:

  • Connection to Alexa and the ability to watch news, to-do lists and much more thanks to its long-range voice control.
  • Controls smart home devices by asking Alexa to turn on lights, control thermostats, sockets and more.
  • If we not only want to hear all the latest news but also watch them, just ask Alexa for the daily summary in video from Sky TG24 or Ansa.
  • With Bluetooth technology, thanks to the Multi-Room Music function, you can play your favourite songs on various Echo devices in different rooms – available for Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and TuneIn.
  • Hand-free call anyone with an Echo device, the Alexa App or Skype, or make a video call to friends and family using the Echo Spot, the Alexa App or Skype.

Philips Wake-Up Light HF3510-01

Philips Wake-Up Light HF3510/01 is first of all a product of refined design and discreet beauty whose main function is a wake-up lamp, improving sleep thanks to the ability to radiate a gently progressive light into the room, switching off in the evening and increasing in the morning.
Its functions are simple and limited – no connectivity- and sufficient for those who only need help for a better-quality sleep.

Main features:

  • Simulation of sunrise and sunset for a gradual and natural awakening and to fall back asleep gently. The brightness settings are 20.
  • FM radio to wake up on your favourite program.
  • Choice of 3 natural alarm sounds.
  • Smart snooze works: just touch the Wake-up Light to activate its snooze function. If you postpone, it will play again after nine minutesi.

LaMetric Time

LaMetric Time is a smart alarm clock with a pleasantly colourful, original and vintage design with excellent connectivity that allows you to manage home demotics and make it a support device for notifications and apps from our mobile phones. In addition, it is equipped with an environmental sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the time of day.

Main features:

  • Radio and wlan alarm clock that can be used as a Bluetooth speaker and can be managed from a smartphone via wi-fi.
  • Smartphone notifications (email, many apps and news sites) directly visible on the display.
  • Social media counter (check the number of followers, likes and engagement of your accounts).
  • Connection to smart home automation systems.
  • Customizable clock and display with thousands of dials.
  • Weather and humidity monitoring.

Alexa WiFi Aroma Diffuser, Maxcio 400ML

Alexa Maxcio is an intelligent aroma diffuser of essential oils with ultrasound technologies for aroma and chromotherapy – adjustable with two different modes of scented mists and 7 different colours. What makes the difference compared to other devices with similar functions are the elegant cabbage-shaped vase design with wooden finish and the excellent connectivity: wi-fi and Bluetooth with Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart assistants and with the dedicated app SmartLife or Tuya Smart.

Main features:

  • 400 ml aromatherapy diffuser with 2 mist modes wich can be set higher or lower (30 or 80 ml/hour), lasting up to 6-12 hours. It adopts an extremely silent ultrasonic technology.
  • Timer to set the oil diffuser on and off, so you can turn it on or off at sunrise or sunset to better reconcile sleep and wake up.
  • The Speaker Control function to set it remotely with the app on tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi.
  • The 400 ml aromatherapy diffuser provides 2 modes: high and low (30 or 80 ml/hour) with ultrasound technology: no dangerous heat sources. Its working autonomy reaches up to 6-12 hours.
  • Brightness: the LED powered light has 7 soft-intensity colours for a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Both colours and brightness can be adjusted, both with the manual button and with the app.

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