Summer tips for redesigning the dining room

August, vacation time!
These days we are definitely freer and can devote ourselves to rethinking our home spaces, even lying on the beach or walking in the mountains.

When we return, we will have the right energy to make some changes in our home spaces.

So to rethink our dining room space and decor, here are some small tips:

1. Start by equipping yourself with a tape measure, paper and pencil: measure the rooms and start thinking about a new furniture arrangement by jotting down your ideas on paper
2. Rethink objects and furniture, throw out what you don’t need and give things their proper place
3. Imagine a new face for the walls of the living area, perhaps introducing some color or wallpaper
4. Renew the textile elements (curtains, pillows, rugs and various upholstery): it is always a good idea to open the door to change
5. Be sure to leave pathways to balcony or veranda openings clear so that light can penetrate more easily
6. Welcome anything that makes you happy into your home-positive energy is always welcome!

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