First rule for a functional home: the kitchen table must be resistant, practical and obviously beautiful.
For this reason, most of our table models feature a porcelain stoneware top, which is a ceramic with an extremely compact structure. It is precisely from its compactness that its most important qualities derive: exceptional resistance and porosity so low as to make it impermeable to water, acids and dirt.

But what are the main characteristics of this innovative material?

Abrasion resistant
Porcelain stoneware is resistant to abrasion or wear due to contact. It is a material that does not scratch if bumped by something even harder. For this reason, it is the ideal material for kitchen table tops.

A vitrified structure with a low degree of porosity guarantees a very low water absorption rate. In fact, the UNI (UNI EN 176 ISO BI) standards define “porcelain gres” as a ceramic that has a water absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%.

Easy to clean
The slightly porous structure makes it a clean material, which does not stain easily because it does not absorb dirt. Its compact surface also makes it easy to clean.

Fire resistant
Stoneware is insensitive to sudden changes in temperature. It is therefore suitable for indoors, on surfaces that can come into contact with hot pots and pans as in the case of a table.

Unalterable over time
Its exceptional resistance to abrasion, fire and impermeability make porcelain stoneware an almost unalterable material over time. Feature that makes it a high-value investment.

The materials are natural and, given its characteristics, it does not require chemical waterproofing, paints or resins that would make it harmful. It does not release radon or other toxic gases, even when in contact with heat sources.

Now you just have to choose your favourite design for a beautiful and functional dining room. Find all our stoneware models on our website, in our MODERN COLLECTION catalogue.

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