The best home improvement books of 2020

Five books of 2020 to keep improving our home: practical guides to interior design and the organization of spaces, a manual to take care of indoor plants, an indispensable volume with instructions for use on the best way to order books in our bookstores and an extravagant cookbook..

The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space

sentiti bene nella tua casaFrida Ramstedt is the creator of Sweden’s best-knor which she won the Elle Decoration Award, and of an Instagram profile with over 160,000 followers.
The book “Interior Design Handbook” was born from a practical need: Ramstedt herself had just moved, and once in the new building she reconsidered her approach to furniture in order to transform a functional but empty apartment into a warm and welcoming home. From this experience she developed a book full of practical advices, creative ideas and illustrations to better understand the spaces of the house and how to use them. Among the many suggestions: how to decorate plants, how to move and reuse old furniture, how to make a space seem bigger, how to choose the carpet, what colour to choose for the walls…
Really (almost) everything we need to feel good at home.

Books – instructions for use. The art of choosing, organizing and messing up home libraries

libri istruzioni per l'usoAlessandro Mari is a translator and writer, as well as author of television programs; Ginevra Azzari is the curator of the anthology of short stories “Playlist” for Feltrinelli; Matilde Piran is a writer and published the novel “Tutto storto” (“All upside-down”).
Libri, istruzioni per l’uso” tries to answer the eternal enigma of great readers: how do I put all my books in order? There is a lot of variables to choose from: alphabetical order, by topic, by shape, by colour. Mari, Azzari and Piran manage to respond with this manual by intertwining carpentry (how many books fit into my library?), history and anecdotes (how writers arranged their books) and interior design.

Home Green Home: guide to choosing the right plants

casa verde casaAlice Delgrosso is known on social networks as Plant Lady and has a curriculum of studies in philosophy then followed by the work of interior plant specialist, as a consultant and interior designer for both individuals and companies.
Casa verde casa (“Home green home”) ” is a long journey that unravels all the needs of indoor plants owners: before purchasing them, we must understand what kind of plants we need and recognize those suitable for our home, then we must learn to know them and know how to treat them without stress. In summary, a book written and designed to transform a black thumb into a green thumb with lots of practical tips, including how to place the plants, which are the right plants if we have little light and how to buy plants online, too.

Homebook: the printed and digital guide to home decor

homebookS Simone Valsecchi and Serena Durante are owners of the Architecture and Interior Design studio GingerTail.
Born during the first lockdown in 2020, “Homebook: La guida cartacea e digitale per arredare casa” was created to provide a guide to the management and selection of home elements for those who do not want to relay on an architect or interior designer to tidy up and think about the furnishings and the internal arrangement of the furniture. “Homebook” is in fact divided into rooms – for each room we get advice on the organization of spaces, colour palettes, and a useful list of furnishings.

Why don’t spaghetti Bolognese really exist?

perché gli spaghetti alla bolognese non esistonoArthur Le Caisne is a gourmand and author of many successful books on cooking such as “The Great Book of Meat”.
Le Caisne is first of all a curious person who writes books for the curious. And this “Why don’t spaghetti Bolognese really exist?” is a joyful example of his writing, a book that answers (almost) all the most curious questions that may come to mind on the subject of cooking, revealing many of our unsuspected shortcomings: why strawberries and apples are vegetables; why the liquid that comes out of the meat we buy is not blood; why balsamic vinegar is not really vinegar…and why spaghetti Bolognese don’t really exist. An extremely funny book about the clashes between habits and reality – perhaps we have always made a mistake when frying chips or grilling meat- which makes a clean sweep of culinary nonsense that should no longer find space in our kitchen.

Target Point, Italian Ideas.