The best Italian design podcasts (and not only)

What are the podcasts to follow absolutely for design, architecture and technology enthusiasts? Faced with the ever-increasing demand for entertainment and culture podcasts, which also in Italy led to a very positive trend towards this new format (more than 12 million users in 2018), we have searched the internet to find a handful of 100% made in Italy podcasts dedicated both to professionals and simple design enthusiasts.

Archi Tour

Archi Tour s a podcast created by architect Luca Donzelli. Informal but full of content, it focuses on the art world between architecture and design. Each episode lasts about half an hour and explores a single topic. Some examples among the last ones: bathrooms, plants in the house and the figure of the influencer architect.
Not just for insiders but also for the simple interior design enthusiast.


F***ing Genius

A podcast hat looks irreverent “but respectful” and that has received great success (even coming second among the iTunes podcasts in the Science section). Which is the format? Very simple: the physicist and scientific divulger Massimo Temporelli recounts in some dozens of minutes some of the best minds in the history of science. Among the talents presented so far: Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Guglielmo Marconi, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, Elon Musk.


Radio3 Suite – Filo Rosso. The invention of things. From Leonardo to Design.

This series of episodes – which were broadcast by Radio3 during the recurrent party in Matera – is dedicated to creativity in the widest possible way, using both ordinary everyday life and of extraordinary objects as means of discovery of the genius (of creativity and design). This is the legacy of the great Bruno Munari, for which design must never deviate from functionality. In this journey through the centuries, then, we move from Sicilian puppets to (Spanish, Greek, Neapolitan) guitars (spagnole, greche, napoletane), from the compass to suitcases.

Triennale Milano: Architecture & Anthropocene (in English)

The Milan Triennale has recently published a mini-series of podcast-interviews conducted by journalist David Plaisant – who worked for Pin-Up, the Guardian and the New York Times. These interviews tackle the themes developed during the last Triennale, entitled “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival” and the behind-the-scenes of the life and professions of men and women who are driving the World towards change, including the founder of the Forensic Architecture group Eyal Weizman, urban thinker Ricky Burdett, the Triennale curator Paola Antonelli and architects Shigeru Ban and Tatiana Bilbao.

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