The dream bed

Let’s go back to talking about dreams and today we take the cue from our setting of SOMMIER bed.

It’s a soft-touch upholstered double bed, without the headboard and often with the bed casing. it’s very adaptable and perfect for small rooms. In our catalogue we match it with a bookcase.

Dreaming about a bookcase has a very special meaning, have you ever dream one?

Dreaming of a bookshelf, represents the various levels of your mind where ideas, concepts, and memories are kept. It also suggests your need to acquire some information or knowledge in a situation before making your decision.

To dream of a bookshelf is a symbol of the diverse planes of your inner self that house all the aspects of your conscious and subconscious. This includes such factors as your feelings, emotions, and past recollections. It also implies that before you reach a choice, you need to review all of the available options and weigh the pros and cons.


Target Point, Italian Ideas