The dream bed

If we say PONZA, you cannot think about our bed, with its elegant lines that keep it suspended from the ground and with its twice three-position reclining cushion.

Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands, an attractive archipelago off the Italian coast between Rome and Naples. With blue waters and a striking hilly landscape, the island is loved by regular visitors who attempt to keep its charms a secret. Its symbol is a little palm tree that grown up everywhere in the island.

Do you know what does a palm tree mean in your dream?

Palm in the dream, is a symbol of power and prosperity, often in a dream it predicts victory. Dream of palm says that it is time for promotion, as well as increase of power or management of a new business.
If you happen to touch the palm with your hands, in the reality you are likely to be offered a senior position. However, those who see it but do not touch it can’t move up the career ladder because of indecision or unforeseen circumstances.
If you see a palm with a lot of fruits on it, in reality you will try to become a leader and to keep everything under control, sometimes you have a present secret desire to rule over the people.
If you dream of a high and lush palm, it means that all your wishes, dreams and plans will come true soon, but do not hurry, it is better to let go of the situation and to trust own destiny.
If palm is seen in the dream of unmarried girl or an unmarried guy, in the near future they are destined to meet a spouse, build a happy family and be wealthy.


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