The most beautiful Italian landscapes

On April 18th, the “Art you ready” virtual tour by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage was back with a flash-mob entirely dedicated to Italian landscapes. Everyone could post their favorite landscapes with the hashtag #paesaitaliano or #viaggioinitalia.
The result is a collection of photographs that allow us to travel a little with our imagination in these lockdown weeks, and can provide us with some useful ideas for our next vacations – hoping that they are not too far away.
Here is our brief excursion among all the images posted on Instagram and Twitter.


The sassi of Matera

Matera has experienced a real renaissance thanks to his 2019 as the European Capital of Culture. The symbol of the rebirth of the city can only be its famous Sassi/Stones.

Manarola in the Cinque Terre

It is certainly no mystery that the Cinque Terre are one of the most “instagrammable” territories in Italy. Of these five Unesco heritage ancient villages (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore), we have chosen this splendid photo of Manarola.

Roman Forum (Rome)

In the archaeological area between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill we can find the Roman Forum: a stratification of buildings dating back to different eras of the Ancient Rome. Among the most iconic monuments inside the Forum: the Arch of Septimius Severus, the Memertine Prison, the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine, and the Honorary Bases caught in this photo.


Piazza San Marco (Venice)

Venice is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world: photographed in every way and from every corner, one can have the impression that it can no longer reserve any surprises for the human eye. Yet this image of Saint Mark/San Marco’s Square taken from St. Mark’s canal with the incredibly visible Dolomites in the background shows how nothing can ever be taken for granted.


Cattedrale di San Nicolò (Noto)

One of the symbols of the Sicilian Baroque so typical and widespread in southeastern Sicily, Saint Nicholas/San Nicolò’s Cathedral in the Unesco protected Noto Valley is an architectural jewel that almost alone would be worth enough to plan a visit to the Island of Sciascia, Pirandello and Camilleri.


Palazzo Ducale (Urbania)

A few kilometers from the capital Urbino, Urbania hides the Palazzo Ducale/Ducal Palace, which was built in the 15th century by da Federico II from Montefeltro Duke of Urbino and is one of the most beautiful medieval residences in central Italy.

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