The table. What does it mean if we dream about it?

A table in a dream is a very strong symbol of a coming together of people. In some cases this is a simple symbol that all things in your life are unified and connected and your hard work has paid off.

The table or a scene associated that features a table suggests that one needs to pay attention to the way we you handle family life. A table is sometimes found at the “heart” of the household, it is normally associated with happy family times or romantic times.

It is normally representative of family relationships, eating at the table with the family in a dream is connected with happiness in waking life.

For the kitchen table to be featured in a dream it means that your interpersonal as well as professional capabilities will be tested shortly.

If your dream featured a round table then this indicates relationships will be important in the future.
If you were eating at a cafe or restaurant table in your dream then this means positive energy in your waking life.

To dance on a table in your dream indicates a celebration in the home or family, perhaps a wedding or similar social gathering is on the cards.

To see a square table means that things are going to be difficult soon.

For the table to be full of food means that you will encounter prosperity and happiness in life.
As the table is also a place of decision making – it may have appeared because you are worried about making a decision.

A broken table denotes arguments with family members. A few of the encounters in life can sometimes be distressing or difficult, this is predicted if the table is damaged in any way.

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