TWIST, the table that anchors movement

A uniquely designed base and a wide range of alternatives for top shape and finish.

In addition to its functional character, the TWIST table has a strong decorative impact, because thanks to its woven base it is able to give personality to any room.

In fact, the extensible top, rectangular or barrel-shaped, rests on an agglomerate base with sinuous lines-but firmly anchored to the ground-that recalls the rotating movement of two lines that come together never to leave each other again.

The result is an impressive, sinuous and elegant table capable of being the absolute protagonist of any living room, well prepared to host joyful diners, but beautiful also free, unencumbered by any object, as if it were a work of art that welcomes those who look at it.

The base that makes it so unique is available in different finishes: White, Bronze, Graphite, Black, Gold, Silver Brushed or Earth that embellish the rectangular or barrel-shaped porcelain stoneware top, with more rounded contours.

A table to be discovered and admired every day.

Target Point, Italian Ideas