VERSUS SIDEBOARD: diagonal power.

We wanted to get out of the classic orthogonality of the shapes. And we created VERSUS.
VERSUS is the most contemporary design piece of the VINTAGE collection. The diagonal cut of the door and drawers, together with their different thickness compared to the body, give movement and modernity to a classic element like a sideboard.

The drawers have been designed with last generation slides that allow total extraction, so to allow a complete view of the interior and easily pick up what you want. All drawers are made of 1 cm-thick fabric effect laminate on both sides and bottom, to ensure that the shape of the base remains unaltered and always resistant.
All drawers and the doors, which open up to 90°, feature PUSH & PULL opening system: no need for handles for a cleaner and minimal design. They also feature assisted closing system to avoid shocks and damages even when closed faster.

madia electa vintage collection

Our VERSUS features a lateral open compartment made of metal, subdivided into three comfortable and large spaces, two square-shaped and one vertical, so to range objects from different sizes.
The metal legs are matching the open compartment.
Detail is important, that is why the leg underneath the diagonal door was deliberately created with the same inclination angle as the door, so to create continuity of design and respect the aesthetic appearance in a harmonious way.

The VERSUS sideboard is available in the four color alternatives of the VINTAGE collection (pearl, beaver, country and desert) that can be combined to further enhance the diagonal elements. In addition, the sideboard can be decorated with an optional metal top which can be decorated with ROSE or NET pattern or neutral Vintage Iron without decoration.

Available in 2 different sizes:
– VERSUS SIDEBOARD width 166cm (65in) featuring two doors, one of which is diagonal, two regular drawers and a deep drawer
VERSUS SIDEBOARD width 210cm (83in) featuring three doors, one of which is diagonal and two are regular
one is 44cm (17in) wide and the other 34cm (13in)-, two regular drawers and a deep drawer

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