Vintage Collection, complements

Details are the elements that surprise you and that maybe you wouldn’t expect to see; they contribute to enrich your room. Target Point has created a set of complements that elevated the vintage collection.

A drop exists only if it can float on a free surface.
This has been the inspiration for DROPS, the vintage mirror with its iconic drop shape.
Hanging on the wall of the living room, DROPS mirror communicates freedom to be what you want, but with elegance and good taste.
The painted metal strucure frames the mirror, ending in an acute angle where is set up the wall hanging system.
This mirror can easily match with all tables, chairs, sideboards and complements of the Vintage collection.


When you are part of a family, common features become a symbol of continuity and consistency.
MODUS Mirror was born as a complement of the MODUS Sideboard, the first without doors and drawers, the only sideboard with two sliding doors.
Like the cupboard, even the mirror is an emblem of character, elegance and modernity. It’s composed of different elements that together make it a unique piece of furniture.
MODUS Mirror is based on a laminate shelf, available in three color finishes (Beaver, Country, Desert) and it has a metal open compartment. It can been chosen between simple Vintage Iron metal or with NET or ROSE decorative effect.
Another option makes this mirror more attractive: led lights can be added on the left side of the frame.

Target Point, Italian Ideas