Vintage Consoles

Our VINTAGE collection just makes the living area completely unique.
Not only sideboards, tables and chairs: Target Point also proposes three models of console with an unique style.

In fact, in addition to being the most useful ranging solutions when entering home, they are elements that contribute to enrich your environment by creating a harmonious, balanced, elegant living area.

Available in three models, up to a 5 meters extension, the PANDORA console is the piece you cannot do without. It is ideal for all those who love to share the good moments of life with family and friends all together around a table, table that, after the joyful event, can be closed and stored in a 46cm-space.
Produced entirely in Italy, the PANDORA features a new-generation laminate structure, conferring high resistance and total reliability, available in three wooden-effect finishes (Beaver, Country, Desert).
Most important feature of our PANDORA is the compartment where all extensions can be easily stored, with no need for extension storage bags.
It is possible to choose the PANDORA console in 3 different versions according to their maximum extent: 2 mt, 3 mt and 5 mt.

Consolle Pandora

The OMNIA console represents the beauty of simplicity and the perfection of minimal style. It is born from the combination of two different elements, both in shape and material, which can characterize the entrance of any type of house.
The curved and sinuous laminate base supports the transparent, impact-resistant and pressure-resistant glass top.
It is possible to choose the laminate finishing among the three Vintage wooden effects (Beaver, Country, Desert).
The OMNIA console can be combined with the OMNIA table, sharing the same particular leg.

Consolle Omnia

Perfect for an environment of contemporary industrial taste, it features both sober style and great character. It is the ESCAPE console, the most vintage of the collection.
The curved glass structure is the main support of the console. Manufactured according to craftsmanship rules, the glass, after being forged, undergoes a special cooling process that ensures it to becomes resistant and safer.
The clean transparent structure supports two Vintage-style drawers, conceived with new-generation wooden-effect laminate and available in three color finishes (Beaver, Country, Desert).
The drawers feature Push & Pull and total extraction opening and assisted closing system. They are made according to Target Point standards: resistant so that they do not curve over time and always support the weight of the objects inside.
The ESCAPE console can be combined with all elements of the Vintage collection, both sideboards and tables.
Just pick the one you like most!

Consolle Escape

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