Vortice and Tornado table for the reorganization of the spaces

Now that we must stay home to defend our health, also our homes must change.

They have to meet the needs of those who live at home for the whole day and, where before the spaces remained the same, now they must take new forms for new functions.

But how do you find new spaces in the house?

It’s easy with VORTICE or with TORNADO, the modern tables, extendable without any effort.

They adapt to every need and can serve both as a comfortable medium-sized table ideal for a corner of the kitchen (when we need space to move) or as an elegant “living room” table once extended to its maximum extension (2 meters wide).

Only with simple circular movements on the plane the extensions that are connected to the central plane come out fluidly. The closing process is even more immediate.

Both tables are available with a metal structure, in different shades of colors that can be combined with the top which can be in resistant porcelain stoneware or in white, graphite or rope tempered glass.

So, what is the difference between the two tables?
The basement! Tornado rests on a pyramidal basement, refined and powerful, Vortice instead, on four legs for an elegant and modern design.

Target Point, Italian Ideas