Welcome back, dear velvet!

Soft and enveloping like a caress, but also refined like few fabrics can be: today we talk about velvet, which we used to cover one of the last chairs conceived at Target Point, BARCELLONA.

A chair like this can easily become the highlight of your living room or dining room, giving that extra touch to every space in your home. This vintage effect can be in the warm shades of Turtledove or Dark Brown, being even more enveloping, or in the bright contemporary shades of Ice Gray or Light Blue, that illuminate with shimmering reflections your rooms and furnishings.

The history of this material is ancient and fascinating: it seems in fact that velvet originated in the Far East and then arrived in Italy starting from the XIII century, where it experienced a great fortune especially in Venice. As a matter of fact, the city of the doges soon became the undisputed capital of smooth velvet, thanks to a vast series of refined creations that faithfully replied the oriental model and which soon became a real must for the Venetian aristocracy.

Today it returns to being an undisputed protagonist of the design world thanks to its innate elegance and the ability to enhance the contemporary environments with its contrast. It represents also an extremely glamorous choice for vintage lovers, especially if combined with a decidedly optical wallpaper, as we recommended in the combination in the picture.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the velvet: if you spill something on it, do not dab or wipe the fabric because in this way you would push the liquid inside the fibers. Use an absorbent towel or cloth and press very gently to absorb excess liquid, allowing the remaining liquid to dry in the air.

Target Point, Italian Ideas