When table and sideboard are coordinated

Home furnishing is a pleasure for many, and an opportunity to give vent to creativity.
That this is a simple task, however, is not absolutely to be taken for granted.
Most of the time, in front of an empty room, even the most passionate of design may find himself temporarily in difficulty. Expectations do not always coincide with the final results, and the estimates on colors, styles, dimensions and proportions, especially if dictated by emotionality, are not always correct.

For this reason it is good to keep some tips in mind before proceeding with the furnishing, especially when talking about the dining room.

  • Do not overestimate the room and optimize the available spaces to make the most of them.
  • Pay close attention to the right dimension of the table.
  • Maintain coherence between the different pieces of furnishing.
  • Balance the lighting.
  • Enhance the chromatic identity.
  • Choose pieces of furniture that are easily interchangeable or replaceable, allowing you to change style whenever you feel the need.

The lack of consistency between the key furnishing pieces of the dining room – table, chairs, sideboard – can give rise to unconvincing results and unnecessary investments.
So keep these precious rules in mind, and rely on combinations that are designed to furnish your living room with taste and style.

This is the case of our STRATOS table matching the sideboard, so to guarantee continuity of materials, finishings and details. For an efficient and pleasant dining room to live day by day!
Target Point, Italian Ideas