Which are the most versatile home automation apps?

A brief review of the most versatile home automation apps on the market. We have selected the four apps that best meet a large number of needs. They are in fact useful for remote control and regulation of lights, thermostats, televisions, stereo systems, alarms and large appliances, allowing to always have at hand the display of the energy consumed, or a direct feed of surveillance cameras. And not only. We also list the compatible smart devices for each individual app.

Kasa Smart

With this smart home app, you can manage all TP-Link devices in our home. Among TP-Link products there are:

  • Smart Led bulbs conceived to regulate the light in your house
  • Smart electrical outlets to check the switching on and off of devices or appliance
  • Cloud surveillance cameras

In addition, Kasa Smart is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistants and Google Assistant, thus making your commands even simpler and more interactive.

Available for Android and iOS.


Home is the Apple app that allows you to control every Home Kit accessory of the Cupertino company. The possibilities within the reach of an iPhone owner are therefore limited only to the (far from low) number of devices and home automation gadgets branded Apple or that support Apple software:

  • Smart TV and Speakers with AirPlay software
  • Bulbs with voice control (like C by GE) or light bulbs and panels with adjustable light (Sylvania, Nanoleaf, Lifx)
  • Switches with which to turn off or detect the switching on and off of household appliances (iDevices, Fibaro, Ecobee, Koogeek)
  • Thermostats (Ecobee, iDevices, Tado)
  • Air quality meters (Netatmo)
  • Audio amplifiers with AirPlay (Denon)
  • Security cameras (Logitech, Somfy)

Available exclusively on devices with iOS.

Smart Life

Another versatile app that is compatible with a fairly large range of smart products:

  • Wi-Fi switches (Moes, Jinwoo)
  • Bulbs and light regulators (Bakibo) or tactile control switches for blinds and shutters (LoreTap)
  • Thermostats (Moes, Decdeal, Quimi, Ledlux)
  • Surveillance cameras (Woox, Apeman, Imou, Akaso)

In addition, the Smart Life App services can also be managed using Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

Available for Android and iOS.


Nest is the Google app that allows you to control all the devices in the Google Home universe:

  • Adjustable bulbs and LED strips (Philips Hue, Xiaomi Yeelight, TP-Link, Osram)
  • Smart sockets with which to control, switch off and activate small and large appliances (D-Link, Houzetek, TP-Link)
  • Wi-Fi thermostats (Nest, Netatmo, Tado, BTicino)
  • Aroma diffusers (Leyrruk, Quinmi)
  • Surveillance cameras (Nest, Arlo, Logitech, Akaso)
  • Robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners (iRobot Roomba, Ecovacs Robotics)
  • Speakers and audio speakers (Riva Audio, Bang & Olufsen, Sonos)
  • Televisions (LG Oled TV)

Obviously, the app can interact with Google Home assistant and with all its speakers scattered around the house.

Available for Android and iOS.

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