Why to choose a tempered glass table

In recent years, the glass table has become one of the most loved furnishing accessories. The reason is simple: this kind of table is easily adapted to all environments making them very refined, and it is highly appreciated for its lightness and its modern effect.

Very modern and minimalist, glass tables are also very resistant. They also have another great value: being transparent, they are also suitable for small rooms, making them brighter without weighing down the environment. In short, it is a versatile and refined solution at the same time.

Moreover, a table must guarantee solidity and safety in case of collisions that can damage the top. All our glass tables are actually made of tempered glass, a particular type of material that is processed through a sudden cooling that strengthens it making it five times more resistant than conventional glass. Tables that, therefore, lend themselves perfectly to everyday use.

Even the cleaning of the top is not difficult at all, opposed to what is commonly thought: just follow a few simple rules: use soft cloths and non-abrasive, non-alkaline products.

For design lovers, it must be said that glass tables allow the creation of spectacular effects: the structure that supports the top, in fact, can be treated as a true work of art to be admired through the top, that enhances its forms through reflections and light games.

This is the case in this combination of tempered glass and metal of our ZEUS table, which is available in two sizes (180×90 and 160×90 cm) and in 10 top finishes with different glass or porcelain stoneware, with 5 metal alternatives.

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