You can have it any way you want: ARTEMIDE is the sideboard for you

You can have it raised off the ground or with feet of different heights.
Either way, ARTEMIDE is the sideboard for you.

It is a sideboard with four doors, each with a 45-degree finish that allow opening without the need for cumbersome handles.
The doors feature slow closing so it is preserved from knocks.

Entirely made of brushed laminate, matching the color of the 20- or 25-cm feet, the Artemide sideboard features porcelain doors with the beautiful running vein, a natural graphic sign that runs across the entire cupboard, a symbol of elegance and prestige.

Several shades of marble-effect stoneware are available: arabesque, alabaster, carrara, emperador.

The interior spaces are spacious and organized to hold the affections of your home, your life.

Target Point, Italian Ideas