About bedside tables

In every bedroom, the relaxation place for excellence, everything must be accessible in a comfortable and functional way. If you are planning to renovate it or if you need to furnish it from scratch, in addition to the bed and wardrobe there are a couple of very useful accessories, which do not always receive the right attention: the bedside tables.

They are the perfect support where to put the books that you read in the evening, your rings and earrings before falling asleep, on which to leave a glass of water to drink at night and all other useful things that you want to keep close to the bed.

If you are a lover both of design and of practicality, our advice is definitely to choose TWIST: it goes up, down and rotates according to your needs. Not just a comfortable support, but also an useful top to use for a breakfast at bed or to finish up some evening work.

Moreover, the convenience of having everything at your fingertips increases if you choose, as we propose today, to combine the TWIST bedside table with the SARDEGNA bed. The storage compartment included in the headboard will be a functional ally to enjoy the atmosphere of the bedroom without giving up any pleasure, such as a good book accompanied by a cup of coffee or fresh tea.

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