Design kitchen – Electric pressure cookers

In a new and modern kitchen, an electric pressure cooker cannot be missing. The advantages over the traditional pot are many: it is easy to clean, it does not release odours or vapours, it is safe – the pressure is constantly self-monitored by the pot to avoid any risk-, and allows you to cook dozens of different recipes comfortably and easily.

The first things to know

The electric pressure cooker is a computerized and multifunctional appliance that allows you to cook a large number of foods and to prepare a wide range of recipes thanks to different pre-installed cooking programs.

The cooking programs of electric pressure cookers are divided into automatic and semi-automatic.

The automatic programs are pre-set and not customizable. They vary by brand and model, but among the most popular there are always: a program for legumes, one for meat, one for soups, one for poultry, one for rice, one for whole grains, and one for rice-cooking.

The semi-automatic programs represent types of cooking instead, and the most common are steam cooking, browning, slow cooking and – obviously – pressure cooking.

Features to know and check before making the purchase

Like every tool and household appliance, every person has their own needs and preferences. In order not to be dissatisfied once you ‘ll back home with your new purchase, it is better to be well aware on the main features of electric pressure cookers:

  • Volume
    It can go from a minimum of three to a maximum of eight liters. For a family of four, a capacity of 4 to 6 liters is usually optimal.
  • Power
    The power varies from 450 to 1500 watts. The more powerful the pot, the less time it will take to cook the food – and less will be the wear.
  • Handles
    Handles can be in metal, thermoplastic or in other materials. The most reliable and comfortable are those in metal, as they are more resistant – even if, conveying the heat, they require the use of potholders while cooking.
  • Control panel
    All the functions of the pan are activated from the panel. It can differ a lot depending on the brand and model, but let’s choose one whose display is sufficiently large and clearly visible.

More useful features

Here are three more very useful functions that you will find in all electric pressure cookers:

  • Timer: to start a cooking program automatically even after many hours – just choose the type of cooking and the desired time
  • Yogurt maker: to prepare yogurt
  • Warmer / Keep Warm: to warm up or keep food warm once cooked

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