Dining table, the real star of Christmas

Christmas Day is approaching, and preparations are already in full swing in all homes.

After the morning spent unwrapping presents, the festivities will continue in the dining room. Lasagna, ravioli, roasts of all kinds, crispy potatoes, seasonal vegetables, pandoro and panettone to your heart’s content: the menu varies according to taste, but the real star of the day will be the table, festively decorated to host relatives and friends.

But what features should the table have to ensure the success of the Christmas dinner or lunch?
If the space in your home allows, opt for a generously sized table that can comfortably seat many people. You could choose our ZED table, which in the 180 cm extendable version extends to 270, allowing you to comfortably seat up to 12 people.

And for those who don’t have the space?

There is a most convenient and functional solution: extendable and transformable tables.
Extendable like our VORTICE and TORNADO models, which transform into wonderful elliptical tables with a simple twisting motion to comfortably seat up to ten guests.

Transformables such as the PANDORA CONSOLLE, which from a 46-cm top can open-thanks to the innovative extension system-to a total length of 5 meters.

Consolle Pandora

So for Christmas, send family and friends. With Target Point tables, there is room for everyone!

Target Point, Italian Ideas