It’s not a simple “make the bed”, it’s Easy Lift.

Remember? Grandma used to make you the “wallet” bed. She made you laugh getting you into those sheets going from side to side, wondering how you would get out of there the next day.

But it was nice, because it was “warm”. Warm with that heat that does not come from the radiators, the fireplace, the stove or the quality down. It is a heat that would stand even in the coolest place on earth; it is the heat of the hands that made that bed taking care of you.

The heat of your home.

The same heat you want to find when, after a long day of work, you turn off the light, prepare for the night, and you pound back into those sheets.

Who knows, maybe hoping to get back to be a baby again, wondering how you’ll get out of that tangle of bedsheet the next day.

But times change, the world goes faster and faster, the environments become “smart,” and you are looking for all the same feelings in completely different spaces.

Remember your grandmother’s bed? The large brass or impressive cherry headboard, in the middle of a bedroom as spacious as a whole family apartment nowadays.

As she was making the bed with all the care and attention of the world, you had the time to listen once again how she had met your grandfather and how he had conquered her. An engaging glamorous story lasting an hour or so, ending with “And since then, we never stopped loving each other” as she arranged the last fold of the down.

And then you would follow her up to your room, where she would make your bed, too.

Another bed. The same care. The same story. Time never ran out and you watched those delicate and precise hands repeating the same movements with ease. Her skin rubbing between sheets and down. It meant much more than “making a bed” mechanically: it meant taking care of whom in that bed would then find that warmth.

You would like to find again those emotions in the bed that every morning, nowadays, you make up for you and your loved ones, taking all the necessary care, but having to deal with an ever faster world, with more and more restricted spaces.

You cannot go around the room throwing duvets and cushions on the dresser anymore. Your bedroom has a contemporary design with optimized spaces and a modern look, where you also look for functionality.

Your bed can be made with the same care and ease, the same delicacy and the same precision as you could see in your grandmother’s hands.

If it is not the room to be spacious, the bed must be the element occupying little space, even while you make it.

The design and convenience of the Easy Lift mechanism allow you to do this.

A patented system that allows you to easily and comfortably make the bed without having to bend: it is the bed that lifts towards you, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the container box.

Care and attention to detail. It’s not a simple “make the bed”. It’s a lot more. Find it in Easy Lift.

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