Electa Sideboard, minimal design and vintage style

Our goal was to create a spacious sideboard, but with a clean line without any redundant element.

The aim was reached with our ELECTA, the top range of our VINTAGE collection.

No handles, no unnecessary elements, but an attentive design conceived to support functionality and aesthetics.

The 45-degree cut on the upper and lower edges immediately catches the eye. This particular technique allows the elimination of overcome elements, such as handles: both doors and drawers open easily thanks to the handhold generated by the edge inclination.

madia electa

The sideboard side has also been cut at 45° with both aesthetic and practical purposes: looking at the sideboard corner, in fact, you will not see any slit or step because the corner closes in a harmonious and elegant way, allowing also an extraordinary opening of the doors up to 165 ° thanks to the combination with high-quality Blum hinges, in order to fully use the three compartments without sacrificing space.

madia electa collezione vintage

Even the space inside the 3 drawers can be fully exploited: they have been realized with total extraction opening, in order to provide a complete view of the interior and thus be able to reach the contents more easily.
The drawers are made of 12mm-thick laminate with fabric effect both on the side and bottom, to ensure the load without incurring in any structural failure. They all feature a slow closing system, facilitating the closure without rebound.

madia electa vintage collection

Our sideboards are made with last-generation laminates that reproduce exactly the effect of the wood, even the visual and tactile sensation of the wood grain, which actually runs along the entire length of the sideboard combining perfectly the uniqueness of the wood with the strength and practicality of the laminate.

Two particular Vintage Iron painted metal legs support the sideboard, giving it stability, lightness and modernity.
ELECTA is conceived, made and produced entirely in Italy, and is available in 4 different finishings – beaver, desert, rustic and pearl- which can be combined by choosing one color for the doors and one for the drawers.
Finally, you can further customize your sideboard by choosing the top, which can be in laminate, metal (neutral or decorated) or porcelain gres stoneware (neutral or decorated).
All these features make the ELECTA a characteristic element of the home. When functionality combines with beauty and aesthetics they create that harmony, that propulsion energy that can only blossom from perfection.

Electa is in 3 sizes:
Electa 179 cm
Electa mini 120 cm
Electa quadra

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