Fall Table decorating ideas

A stunning autumn tablescape can come together so easily — just steal these themes and expert tips for creating memorable fall table decorations that guests will love.

  • Keep it natural. Skip linens altogether and position magnolia leaves down the middle of your table. The thick foliage creates a rustic runner.
  • Decorate with metallics. Opposites do work together if you have the right proportions. Don’t be afraid to mix metals on the table. Use cutlery and candlesticks in different finishes for a perfectly mismatched look.
  • Stay relaxed. Best known as a metal artist – for fanciful designs inspired by nature – Michael Aram sets a friendly table. “I want a table that doesn’t feel so perfect,” he says. “You can relax because it’s relaxed.
  • Add a personal touch. Don’t limit flowers to the middle of the table.Give each guest their own arrangement.

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Source: housebeautiful.com