Furnishing small spaces

Nowadays small apartments are not scary as they used to be in the past, when they were mostly dark and with little functional spaces; modern times have forced us to live in smaller and smaller homes, even if super-equipped.

Very often these new housing solutions offer spaces that combine magnificently brightness and reduced spaces, with a use of vertical space up to the last centimeter. In fact, enhancing the houses with high ceilings through a mezzanine is a great opportunity: the charm of ceilings over three and a half meters high lies precisely in being able to fully use them.

We are mostly used to seeing these spaces used as sleeping areas. But why not use them to create a bright living area?
In the case photo, we suggest placing the LIBECCIO table next to the glass parapet: the visible edges that support the top become a decorative design element, without sacrificing functionality, thanks to the possibility of extending the top and adding up to four seats.

The Carrara marble porcelain stoneware top, combined with the BELLINZONA chairs in Soft-Touch Vintage white, contributes to making the room even brighter, avoiding the “darkening” effect that small apartments can give.

On the other hand, the mezzanine is irresistible if used as a design area where to leave the imagination free and find the ideal solution to make the most of the height by obtaining a comfortable additional space.

Target Point, Italian Ideas