It is estimated that 15 million Italians suffer from low back pain, that painful sensation in the lower back. In most cases, this annoying back pain is caused by a tear or contracture in the back muscles. However, it can also be due to incorrect behavior in posture, especially for those who are in the same position for many hours a day.

Our designers could not fail to take these problems into account and, as always, they worked to make aesthetics efficient too.

For this reason they created GINEVRA, the chair that over the years has conquered the Italians for its elegance and for the comfort of the seat.

The wavy line ensures excellent lumbar support, the vintage soft-touch welcomes the body like a velvety caress, the wooden structure gives solidity and resistance.

Creating a beautiful product is important for us, but thinking of one that is also useful for the health of the body, is the best. Making you live well is a serious matter!

GINEVRA chair is available in the 5 color references of white, graphite, ice, corda and brown.

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