How to create the perfect combination

Tradition has it that the dining table and chairs are a coordinated set, but the dining room is also one of the best places to revolutionize the rules.

That’s why we love mixing styles, to avoid excessively formal or rigid environments. And that’s what we did also in this case to present the SATURNO table, matching it with BERLINO chairs.

We asked our designers to share the criteria that guided the choice for this combination, so that you can take a cue and give vent to your creativity!

  1. Find a common denominator
  2. Whether it is a color or a shape, it is important to find a common element around which to let your imagination fly. In our case this common denominator was the graphite metal structure, both of the table and of the chairs.

  3. Tie things together through details
  4. In this setting, transparent chairs with graphite structure work well with the rustic laminate table thanks to the dark floor that connects both elements. So play with the contrasts but do not forget to include a unifying element.

  5. Choose simplicity
  6. Focus on shape and material and do not overdo with the design. To create this combination we chose a table with simple shapes, almost rigorous, combined with softer chairs that emphasize it without weighing down the overall composition.

  7. Give an artistic touch
  8. The picture leaning against the wall was specially selected as an element of contrast with a hypermodern environment, reflecting however the colors that distinguish this dining room.

Target Point, Italian Ideas