How to use Feng Shui in dining room

It’s summer time! In these days we have more free time and we can take a moment to rethink the house’s spaces, even lying down a beach umbrella or walking in the mountain.

A well decorated dining room can create the joyful atmosphere, help the digestion and benefit the communication of diners and the harmony of family members. Following are some Feng Shui dining room tips you should apply.

  • Make sure that the dining room is inviting, comfortable, hunger arousing and calm.
  • Maintain balance of colors in dining room; don’t make it too bright or overly dull.
  • Dining room must be well ventilated and it should receive plenty of sunlight.
  • Hang a mirror in dining area such that it reflects the dining table; this’ll bring in more prosperity.
  • Go for a square/rectangular or oval/circular dining table.
  • The dining table must be big enough to provide space for everyone.
  • Keep the number of chairs even.
  • Keep sitting arrangement such that no one’s back is towards a door or window as it causes a sense of insecurity.
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