Large domestic windows: advantages and disadvantages

A modern, elegant home from which one can observe a clear horizon without sight obstructions is the dream of many. All you need is to install large domestic windows: comfortable, beautiful and resistant. But every coin has a back face. Here we reveal the advantages and disadvantages of large domestic windows.


  • The possibility of appreciating the view.
    if our house is in a fortunate and pleasant position.
  • Greater brightness in our rooms..
  • Increased well-being..
    Increasing natural light also means being in sync with our biological clock and balancing the hours spent in front of the blue lights of our electronic devices – which disturb our sleep.
  • Energy saving..
    If we invest in high quality windows – such as those in PVC and with triple glass-, they will protect us from temperature changes. Moreover, during the summer you will consume less on the bill.


  • Glass is not unbreakable. .
    A window can always break and the probabilities increase as the surface area increases. Fortunately, it is now possible to repair the glass in those cases where the damage is minor, such as a scratch or an incision.
  • Evaluate how to protect your privacy..
    Large windows mean having potentially more space exposed to the gaze of others from the outside. It is a problem that does not arise if we are in an apartment on a high floor that does not overlook other apartments, or if we live in a house isolated by an outer wall. If this is not the case, you may place trees or high hedges in our perimeter, or buy curtains matching your style and furnishings. For example, if our spaces are furnished in a modern design, linear design Venetian blinds may be the ideal solution.
  • Less easy to clean..
    The larger a window, the more difficult it will be to clean.
  • High weight of triple glass.
    If on one hand triple glass can be a guarantee in terms of efficiency in our house, it should be borne in mind that having three glasses on one window will result in a greater weight of the slab. For this reason, you’d better make sure that the frame and fixtures are of excellent quality.

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