Neutral colors, ease and elegance in the kitchen

Choosing the right colors for the kitchen is not a simple job, but if you want to be sure of creating an elegant environment, the best advice is to opt for neutral colors, which include all shades of WHITE, GRAY, BLACK and BROWN.
These nuances have the plus of harmonizing with each other, being very versatile and easily combinable.
Thanks to their use, color combinations of great effect can be created. Mixing glossy and opaque, rough and smooth surfaces, the environment will gain in terms of aesthetics and creativity.

To furnish the kitchen with neutral shades you can opt for the color CORDA, refined and balanced, that will allow you, especially in case of small spaces, to give more light to the room and enlarge it in a completely natural way.

This color tone will also help you not to worry too much about the combinations.

If, for example, you are a huge fan of red, you can place it in some kitchen door or wall portion. It will be the ideal background for the MAGELLANO table with porcelain stoneware top, here matching with the VIENNA chair, all rigorously in CORDA shades.

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