Sleeping well is important

It is a phenomenon that has affected everyone, at least once in a lifetime. This is insomnia that makes the nights of many of us very long.

How to sleep well?

Here are some tips for sleeping like babies.

1. Creating a routine. Going to sleep at fixed times helps to “regulate” the body and to restore healthy sleep patterns
2. Avoiding mentally and emotionally engaging activities and sporting activities before bedtime
3. Do not take naps during the day, but accumulate tiredness, to get sleepy before going to bed
4. Following an adequate diet with foods that naturally produce melatonin such as tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage, but also oats, corn, walnuts and almonds and between fruits bananas and cherries. Avoiding abundant dinners and substances such as cocoa, but also caffeine and theine and alcohol abuse
5. Focusing on breathing helps you to sleep gradually
6. Preparing the bedroom. It must be well ventilated, the light must be suffused or absent, there must be no background noise and it is necessary to have supports that help you rest well like a good mattress and a good bed

These are the recommendations of the experts and we can do our part by offering you the latest bed models that we have created.
Because sleeping well makes you feel good, but sleeping well on a new and elegant bed makes you feel even better.

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