The best design and home decor podcasts

These last few years have been very successful for the podcast format in Italy: due to the pandemic, many Italians have chosen this medium to listen to everything including book reviews, true crime stories, news, fictional stories, historical insights.
Even for the home and furniture sector there is no shortage of podcasts for enthusiasts and curious: we selected 4 for you, all in original Italian language.

Casa con Svista

casa con svistaGloria Cesarotto is a journalist passionate about interior design, furniture, gardening, creative recycling and do-it-yourself who for some years has been curating an exciting interior design blog with lots of ideas for decorating the home. But not only that: since 2021 this blog has doubled up producing a twin podcast in which Cesarotto reads the same blog posts, while adding some more information.
Here are some of the most interesting recent episodes: “Furnishing a two-room apartment with style and saving money thanks to vintage”; “Home tour: houses that inspire”; “Everdrop, the beautiful and ecological detergents: do they work?”.


diLEMMAEmma is a self-proclaimed “small house organizer” and has been running the little dilEMMA podcast since early 2022. In this podcast she tells us how to live well in a small space with short episodes (all under 15 minutes) which are in fact small guides seasoned with many practical tips for those who live in a house with little available square meters.
Some of the episodes that we liked the most among decluttering and furniture tout court: “How to organize clothes and wardrobe in a small house”; “How not to be overwhelmed by books in a small house”, “Why did I put a wardrobe at the entrance?”.

Casa Italia Style

casa italia styleSanja Radovanovic is a Real Estate Creative Director who, with her Casa Italia Style, talks about design, architecture and homestaging – the set-up activity aimed at to enhance a living space for real estate purposes.
Given the presenter’s origin from the real estate world, the needle of the topics covered here moves from real furniture to all those practices that allow us to save or even earn money thanks to our house.
This can be found in some episodes such as: “Home staging as a time-saving resource”; “Rising humidity: here is the solution”; “Numbers and statistics of the real estate market”.

Architettura Design Retail dy Giuseppe Leida

Architettura Design RetailGiuseppe Leida is the founding partner of the Milanese architecture firm Giuseppe Leida Associati, which is oriented towards projects that are attentive to the environment, the quality of the spaces and the well-being of people.
In his podcast Architettura Design Retail by Giuseppe Leida there is obviously a lot of talk about design, architecture and green solutions for home and construction.
But there is also no lack of practical tips and purchase advices, such as in: “8 Table lamps in comparison”; “Choosing the right house”; “Recycled materials – examples”.

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