Update, the new Target Point catalogue

Update is the name of the new Target Point catalogue, a word that encapsulates our commitment to continuous improvement. We are constantly on the move and evolving, and our offer is continuously refreshed with new products and finishes dedicated to the home. Tables, chairs, and armchairs dedicated to those seeking functional, beautiful, and affordable furnishing options, with a focus on innovative finishes. This is our vision of Update in the world of interior design.

Update introduces new products that don’t just emphasize aesthetics but also aim to be relevant to how we inhabit our spaces with functional furnishings. These are proposals designed to conceive interior design as a place for easy living, in a constant balance between durable materials, practical solutions, and innovative beauty.

For example, Velar is a table with an astonishing design effect, where the letter “V” in the name becomes the distinctive feature of the table inspiring the design of the original central basement, designed to be combined with various tops and materials. A piece of pure design where the base strongly highlights the uniqueness of metallic finishes and combines with the originality of printed glass.

Digitally printed glass is one of the great novelties for table tops and sideboard fronts: four different graphics to choose from to give a fresh and innovative character to your living area.

Two new materials for seat coverings are also introduced: Eco-Tex and Gentle-Touch. Eco-Tex fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and is proposed, for instance, on the Kyoto models: upholstered chair, armchair and pouf with a metal frame, all sharing the same design.

Eco-Tex fabric is also used for the new Osaka chair, an Italian design project inspired by the Japanese city known for its high-quality gastronomic offerings.

On the other hand, Gentle-Touch is a highly durable plastic covering that feels like soft leather to the touch, proposed for example on the Vovo models. In this case as well, there’s the possibility to match chair, armchair and pouf with the same design.

Reinterpreting the concept of harmony and complementarity from Eastern philosophy, Tay table is an extremely functional piece of furniture that adapts to the spaces and environments. It’s an extendable barrel-shaped table that transforms into a round table (or vice versa) thanks to a spectacular semi-automatic rotating system.