Your reading corner at home

Reading is one of the most pleasant and relaxing activities we can do at home. It allows us to travel with our imagination, to enrich our culture, to stimulate our creativity. But to fully enjoy reading, we need an appropriate environment that makes us feel at ease and isolates us from the rest of the world. In this article we will give you some tips on how to create a reading corner at home, making the most of the space and the style of your furniture.

Choose the space

First, we need to decide where we want our reading corner. It can be in any room of the house, as long as it is a quiet, comfortable and bright place. When we think of the reading corner we often think of the bedroom or the living room, but why not choose a different place? It may be that a small environment that we would never think about could become the perfect place to immerse ourselves in the pages of a book. A space under the stairs? A little place in the spacious and bright kitchen? A corner in the corridor? Let’s find the perfect place for our reading corner.

Choose the right chairs or armchairs

The second step to creating a welcoming reading corner is to choose the right chairs or armchairs. Opt for comfortable and welcoming seats, ideally with upholstered backrest and seat that allow us to assume a relaxed posture. Let’s always make sure that the chairs or armchairs integrate well with the style of our furniture, be it modern, classic or vintage. For example, the Cleveland, Kyoto e Vovo  and armchair versions. We can also play with colours and patterns, to give a touch of personality to our reading corner.

The importance of light

Light is essential to creating a comfortable environment for reading. First of all, let’s look for an area that enjoys good natural lighting during the day. Placing the reading corner near a window is ideal for making the most of daylight. If, however, we have a house with limited natural light, no big deal: compensate by installing a reading or table lamp, which provides with adequate light and does not strain our eyes. Let’s choose a lamp that harmonizes with the rest of our furnishings and that allows us to adjust the intensity and direction of the light.

Decorative elements

Let’s personalize the reading corner with decorative elements that reflect our tastes and interests. Add soft cushions and warm blankets on the chairs or armchairs for a touch of extra comfort and hang paintings or photographs on the surrounding walls to create a welcoming and relaxing environment. Furthermore, let’s not forget to add some green plants to bring a bit of nature inside and help create a peaceful and regenerating atmosphere. It doesn’t take much effort, as we may choose plants that require little care and little water.


Coffee table

A coffee table is an essential element to complete our reading corner. Let’s choose a coffee table of suitable size (among the many from Target Point perfect for this function) and which can comfortably accommodate books, magazines, a cup of tea or coffee and other accessories that we want to have at hand while reading. We opt for a design that integrates with the rest of our furniture and is positioned so as to be easily accessible from the chairs or armchairs. We can also use the window sill as an extra shelf, if we have chosen to create our reading corner in the living room.

Target Point, Italian Ideas.