Open space furnishings: Target Point solutions

Practical needs go hand in hand with emphasizing the harmony and aesthetics of the room when furnishing an open space, where kitchen and living area mix into the same room. With its tables, stools, sideboards and accessories, Target Point offers a wide range of options that go beyond mere functionality, embracing the essence of creativity and innovation. Each element is designed to transform the environment into a stage of timeless living solutions, where the shape and practicality of open space furnishings blend harmoniously to create a unique and engaging experience.


How to furnish an open space

More than furnishing objects: our furniture catalyzes emotions and inspirations. The tables become witnesses of convivial moments, the stools welcome guests with grace and comfort, while the sideboards preserve family treasures with elegance and practicality. Each complement, studied down to the smallest detail, helps shape the atmosphere of your living space, transforming it into a refuge of beauty and comfort. Thanks to Target Point, the open space furniture of your home is transformed into a living work of art, where each element tells a story of style and refinement.